Projects Overview

Modus Europe is currently involved with more than half a dozen projects covering fields as diverse as clothing regulation and health impact assessments with clients ranging from those in Brussels such as the European Commission and European Parliament to those in the UK such as a NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

What all our projects hold in common is the commitment to developing effective public policy, regulation and delivery. The tools that we utilise to deliver these projects include consultancy, stakeholder engagement, evidence reviews, data analysis and economic analysis.

Over the page we give you a little insight into some of our current projects as well as reflecting on past commissions.

Health Impact of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Client: European Public Health Alliance
Duration: Three Months

A Little Context: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is currently being negotiated between the European Union and the United States would represent one of the largest ever free trade agreements in the World.

The Client Brief: This rapid evident assessment which we are undertaking for the European Public Health Alliance and a number of their partner organisations in partnership with colleagues from the London School of Economics and University College London, School of Pharmacy, is focused on helping our client to understand the potential health impacts of the FTA.

Adding Value: There is a significant amount of evidence to consider and assess, with the need to provide an objective assessment of the potential strengths and weaknesses of the agreement.

Study Tour of UK Health Policy and Regulation

Client: AUPHA
Duration: One Month

A Little Context: Not all the work undertaken by Modus Europe ends with a report or presentation and this one enabled us to combine an established record in the field of comparative health policy with the many networks we are involved with.

The Client Brief: was to help identify relevant organisations in the UK that health management academics from the US could visit to help them to better understand the current health reform agenda in the UK and to run daily facilitated feedback sessions for participants.

Adding Value: The real trick here was to be able to structure a programme and feedback loops that enabled colleagues to rapidly climb the knowledge ladder so as to be best able to assimilate and challenge the learning.

Impact Assessment Study on the Regulation of Nanomaterials

Client: European Commission
Duration: Eight Months

A Little Context: Nanomaterials lie at the heart of many of the most innovative and exciting product developments of our age. From the useful such as scratch resistant paint to the life transforming such as retina implants, the scope for nano is growing exponentially.

The Client Brief: This Impact Assessment Study which I am undertaking for the European Commission in partnership with Matrix and Environ, has at its heart the manner in which nano as a cutting edge technology should be regulated. Our study and its final report will help inform the policy process by providing evidence, analysis alongside feedback from a range of stakeholders.

Adding Value: The methodological challenges involved in this project include being able to estimate how many materials are likely to require