Modus Study Tours

Health and Social Care Study Tours

Whether you are looking to better understand how a health and social care system works or wish to engage at first hand with current thinking on a particular area of health and social care, we at Modus Health Study Tours are able to design a health study tour to meet your needs.

We have spent the time understanding what makes a great study tour and are pleased to be able to offer a unique programme of specialist tours for those involved in health and social care policy and practice. The four principles underlying our approach:

Focus on Health & Social Care
All our Tour Leaders are health policy experts as well as being experienced facilitators. Our extensive network gives us unique access to a range of health and social care organisations and our great network will help you with long term network development, recognised as a key benefit of study tours..

Tailored Structure and Design
A unique feature of Modus Study Tours is that we are able to design the programme around your precise needs. Whether you are looking to organise a general tour or would like your tour to form part of an accredited academic programme, we work to ensure that your tour will be of maximum benefit. In our experience a good study tour is built upon good preparation. Not only will you be given high impact preparatory materials prior to your trip, but you will also be given a daily briefing as well as regular ‘wrap up’ sessions.

A unique approach to knowledge exchange
At the heart of our unique approach is a commitment to knowledge exchange where the health and social care professionals that you will hear from will be encouraged to learn from you as much as you learn from them. Our study visits are purposively designed to facilitate such mutual learning.

Ensuring a memorable and enjoyable trip
Visits to leading health and social care organisations are at the heart of our Study Tours, but we are well aware of the other aspects that make for a great study tour. In particular we offer:

We offer a range of accommodation options ranging from award winning hotels to cost effective university facilities.

Whilst our tours allow participants to make their own travel arrangements, we also have relationships with a number of travel operators and are very happy to provide assistance in finding the most cost effective travel options for you.

We never underestimate the importance of good food. We know all the best local restaurants and will ensure that you get to enjoy some memorable meals during your stay.

Cultural Activities
We are able to develop tailored cultural and entertainment programmes including access to Blue Badge accredited health tour guides. On previous tours we have organised events from theatre shows and boat trips to formal tours of the House of Commons.

“The tour of the House of Commons was brilliant and our discussion on UK health policy with a local Member of Parliament a tour highlight”

Designing your Study Tour

A small team with a wide reach, we have bases in the United Kingdom and the United States as well as an extensive international network.

Tour Administration
Our Tour Managers are highly experienced and will do all they can to ensure a smooth running and effective study tour.

Tour Leaders
Our tour leaders are all health policy practitioners who are able to act as high-level facilitators and discussants. The structuring of the study tours is such that you will be able to make the very most of every meeting and visit that you undertake.

We work with a trusted group of interpreters covering major international languages.

We have a range of established relationships with healthcare organisations, universities that enables us to ensure that you get to see and meet just the right people and the right institutions.

We design tours for universities, professional and industry associations and private companies.

Understanding the UK’s National Health Service
An opportunity to better understand one of the most high profile international health systems, which is currently undergoing significant change. This five-day tour will provide access to high level government policy leads, regulatory bodies, acute, community and mental health services as well as not for profit social care providers.