Higher Education Practice

Academia is getting more competitive with students becoming increasingly selective when choosing Masters Programmes and more exacting in their expectations of course content and outcomes. Within such an environment programs need to demonstrate measurable benefits and show how they meet the needs of employers and they also need to assure students they meet accredited standards.

Greater energies are being put into ensuring that course focus, content and teaching and learning strategies are fit for purpose. That’s where Modus Europe comes in. The Modus Europe Higher Education Practice is focused on post-graduate programmes in Health Management and Policy and Public Policy and Management. Our particular focus is to work with Course Teams to help benchmark their programmes, develop course content and build systems for quality improvement and in doing so increase course take up and student satisfaction.

Our Higher Education Services

The Modus Europe Team design programmes of support suited to your individual needs. Below we have set out a number of the structured modules that we offer.

Programme Review & Assessment

Consultants undertake a programme audit to assess the structure, relevance, course content, delivery methods and faculty for an existing programme in healthcare management. A report will be provided to the programme with areas of strength and weakness identified and recommendations to bring the programme into compliance with generally accepted best practice.

Programme Improvement

Consultants will work with the programme to develop a plan for how to execute the recommendations outlined in the Programme Review and Assessment Report and will remain engaged with the programme, as needed, throughout the execution of the plan in order to provide ongoing support and advice.

Programme Enhancement

Consultants will advise the programme on such issues as strategic positioning, course development, and network development. Recommendations would include where to site the programme, where are the main competitors, where their most promising student recruitment activities may be, etc. Where new course offerings might enhance the competitiveness of the programme, consultants will advise on the development of such courses. Consultants will further help the programme develop linkages with existing networks of like programmes in both Europe and throughout the world.

Programme Development

For universities considering the development of a new programme in healthcare management, consultants will conduct a feasibility study for the success of such a programme. And should the decision be made to pursue the programme, consultants will develop a plan for programme development. Various tiers of engagement are possible here.

Faculty & Team Development

Consultants will work with faculty or teams of faculty to assess their teaching competencies and make recommendations on teaching methods, team interactions, and work flow.